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Worried about the economy? Here’s a quick rundown on this year’s market performance and updates on economic indicators.
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It seems like everywhere you turn, there are commercials, advertisements, and articles urging you to hire a financial advisor. They always talk about how important it is to plan for the future and maximize your returns, but few stop to talk about the process or how advisors are actually paid. At The Rosamond Financial Group, we value transparency and believe that how an advisor is paid is just as important as the services they provide. Here are some details about our fee structure and what you can expect as a potential client.
Picture this: It’s a calm Sunday afternoon and you decide to check your mailbox for the first time in a week. While you’re sifting through the countless pieces of junk mail and magazine subscriptions you haven’t canceled, you see it—a letter from the IRS.
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If you’ve dipped your toe into retirement planning, you know it can be an overwhelming process. Even though you’re excited to start a new chapter of your life, you may be stressed about how to make it happen and confused about navigating Social Security. It can be especially difficult when it seems like everyone else has it figured out except you. We get it.
Picking the right location to retire is essential when planning for your golden years. Choosing to reside in one city or state over another will have a variety of different financial incentives or challenges. Here is what you need to know about retiring in Central Texas.
By Preston Rosamond After a three-year rally, the financial markets have been down for seven straight days, marking their worst slide since the pandemic decline in March of 2020. (1) Monday’s market dip put the S&P 500 down over 10%, which is officially called a “correction” on Wall Street. (2) In addition to the stock market decline, inflation has been causing concerns. Because inflation is reaching 40-year highs, it is expected that the Federal Reserve...
By Preston Rosamond It’s a new year, which often comes with renewed motivation and fresh resolve! If you have many goals and resolutions you want to make a reality this year, it can be overwhelming to know where to start or which ones should take priority. Thankfully, when it comes to your financial goals, we’re here to help! Here are 4 of the most important financial actions to take in 2022. 1. Take Stock of...