Your Success Is Our Success

My husband and I first started working with The Rosamond Financial Group when we needed support managing our 401(k). We had always relied on my father for financial advice, but with a changing economy, he suggested we speak with a professional. He sent us straight to Preston Rosamond, and we have never regretted following that recommendation. Preston helped us go from deep financial debt to financial freedom—from being close to losing our home to paying it off entirely.

The Rosamond Financial Group truly cares about their clients. They are always sweet and understanding no matter how many times I lock myself out of the website! They are always accommodating when scheduling our check-ins, whether they are in person or via Zoom.

We have 100% confidence in Preston and his team. We are set very well for retirement—something we never thought we’d be able to achieve! When you give The Rosamond Financial Group your financial goals, they will do everything possible to make that happen. We could not be happier with our experience. — Margi

Enjoying the Wealth

The estate planning process Preston took us through gave us peace of mind and allowed us to enjoy the wealth he’s helping us create—while we’re still here to cherish it.

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No Pressure

When BJ’s husband died, she knew she needed someone to help her navigate the financial intricacies of her life, someone whom she could count on to educate her and empower her to make her own decisions.

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Someone to Carry the Burden

When I first decided that I needed a financial advisor, I went with Preston and The Rosamond Financial Group Team. Preston gave me the assurance that I didn’t need to think about investments on a day-to-day basis because he would keep me updated every month. The team at The Rosamond Financial Group gives you the confidence to live life today knowing that your finances will be taken care of by a trusted advisor. I’ve recommended their services to so many friends and family because Preston is someone you can rely on when you need financial guidance. — Sarah

Above & Beyond

As an estate planning lawyer, Brad works with plenty of financial advisors. But according to him, Preston and his dedication, care, and proactive approach makes him a cut above the rest.

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Peace, Comfort, & Joy

Preston helped Scott make sure that his company’s retirement program could provide his family with income when he retires.

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Peace of Mind

Preston is constantly behind the scenes reviewing Sarah's financial plan and keeping her informed.

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Why I Refer Clients to Preston

As a CPA, Brad Blessing works with many financial advisors. He refers clients to Preston because he is so good at understanding their needs and goals and he does an excellent job of communicating. Hear more from Brad:


Always There for Me

You, Shelli & all your staff are so helpful & guide me whenever I need it. God bless you always. — Margi

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