Our Process

Discovery Meeting

Initial Client Interview

Financial Road Map MeetingTM

Explore What is Important About Money to You

Implementation Meeting

Take Action on Your Plan
Begin Implementing Comprehensive Lifetime Written Financial Plan

Initial Progress Update

Follow-up on Actions Taken
90 Day Review

Meeting Process

Regular Progress Meetings

Our Mission

Grow and expand God’s Kingdom through building lifelong relationships and generational wealth for clients and their families.  


The Client we serve best has the following qualities:

You Are a Financial Delegator

YOU ARE A FINANCIAL DELEGATOR: Our community of clients appreciate, and are willing to follow, the advice of an expert.

You Are Passionate About Your Goals

YOU ARE PASSIONATE ABOUT YOUR GOALS: All of our clients realize that achieving their goals requires both money and planning.

You Enjoy Simplicity

YOU ENJOY SIMPLICITY: Our clients enjoy the simplicity, freedom, and peace of mind that comes from having all of their financial assets under the watchful eye of a single, trusted advisor.

You Value Our Work Together

YOU VALUE OUR WORK TOGETHER: Our clients appreciate advice and guidance.

You Focus on What’s Important

YOU FOCUS ON WHAT’S IMPORTANT: Our community delegates financial matters so they can focus their valuable time and energy on the things in their life that are most important to them.

You Can Handle the Truth

YOU CAN HANDLE THE TRUTH: Our clients want to hear the truth from us regarding their financial situation…no matter what.